La Biosthetique Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection


The new La Biosthetique Trend Make Up Collection is now available at Bauhaus Hair…

Art means breaking the rules. You have to know the rules in order to play by them. Understanding trends in order to master and respond to them and to bring them to life. This winter’s colours are the artist’s palette. They are the playing field.

That is this season’s inspiration for LA BIOSTHETIQUE: the creative space of the studio — with its people, colours and ideas. The lifestyle of a Bohemian. The eroticism of a muse. The art of reinventing yourself and the world around you because nothing could be more exciting.


bauhaus-hair-1 bauhaus-hair-2 bauhaus-hair-3 bauhaus-hair-4 bauhaus-hair-5 bauhaus-hair-6 bauhaus-hair-7 bauhaus-hair-8 bauhaus-hair-9 bauhaus-hair-10 bauhaus-hair-11 bauhaus-hair-12 bauhaus-hair-13 bauhaus-hair-14 bauhaus-hair-15 bauhaus-hair-16 bauhaus-hair-17 bauhaus-hair-18 bauhaus-hair-19 bauhaus-hair-20 bauhaus-hair-21 bauhaus-hair-22[twitter_share] [facebook_like]

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