Great Lengths GL Apps Tape Hair Extensions Before & After


So the new Great Lengths GL Apps tape system is now available in Australia, and we’re not going to lie, we’re very excited. When the team over at Great Lengths contacted us to do a “road test” of the Great Lengths tape system on beauty and wedding columnist Rosemary Slade from Modern Wedding, we were thrilled!  And after the application, so was Rosemary.

You can read her full article here, and she answers lots of the questions many guests have: How long will the application take? (An hour and a half – no, seriously). How can I style it? (Any way you please). Are they detectable in the hair? (Nope).

The Before & Afters


Front: Before


Front: After


Profile & Back: Before


Profile: After


The Back: After (this is our favourite!)

The Application Process


Select hair section


Remove tape and press to hair section


Remove tape on reverse side


Smooth new hair section over exposed tape

So simple. And unlike other hair extension system that work more like a sandwich – trapping sections of hair between adhesive segments and creating a bulky ridge – the Great Lengths double sided tape system allows extensions to lie perfectly flat in the hair leaving hair looking healthy, full and natural.

Rosemary says she’s “positively fallen in love with them” and we have to say, we agree.



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